Are You Damaging Your Fragrances?

Are You Damaging Your Fragrances?

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We all like to come home to a fresh, crisp-smelling house instead of one that reeks of sweat and humidity. But how do you keep your house smelling fresh? Presented below is all the information you need about home fragrances and how to store them so that your house remains lovely and fragrant.

Even though it is common for people to become immune to the smells of their homes, for any unannounced visitor, keeping your house smelling fresh is crucial to saving yourself from embarrassment.

Before we begin suggesting home fragrances, you need to assess the odors in your home to have a clear picture of what you're dealing with. The first step to a crisp-smelling home is good ventilation. If you detect any unpleasant odor, open the windows and doors of your home so that the humid air can be exchanged with fresh air from outdoors.

Essential oils as home fragrances

The sweet and tangy notes present in floral and citrus essential oils can act as a means to keep your house smelling good. They can also be a mood booster reminding you of a picnic in a flower garden on a bright sunny day. The sweet, pure scent of rose essential oil can make your house smell like a flower shop, invigorating your senses. Jasmine, ylang ylang, frangipani, and white champaca are best reserved for the evening, especially if you're hosting an outdoor party in the warmer months. That will replicate how these blooms smell when they're in natural condition.

Lavender, roman chamomile, and sweet marjoram essential oils, in particular, can help you get a good night's sleep in hot weather. Diffuse them for thirty minutes before bed to get the best results.

Peppermint essential oil is an excellent choice when it's hot and humid outside because of its cooling effect. Diffuse it with vetiver, patchouli, and citrus bergamot shortly before a storm or rain begins to extend the rain's cooling and restorative benefits after a hot day. A diffuser for your essential oils can enhance the scent and improve your experience. 

Switch the scent from time to time

To avoid sensory adaptation, use a variety of oil blends around your home and only use your chosen aroma for short periods. 

Tips on storing the fragrance

Perfume is often kept in the bathroom, where it is frequently used and is easily accessible because it is there. Sadly, high humidity can break down the perfume particles, and when the bath or shower is turned on, steam fills the enclosed space, which can destroy the perfume. You can store your perfume there if your bathroom has a cupboard or nook that isn't affected by steam. To play safe, look for a dry room, such as your bedroom, to store the fragrances.

Perfume bottles should be stored upright, inside their original packaging, and not exposed to direct sunlight, at room temperature, and in a dark location. Avoid exaggeratedly shaking or opening and shutting the bottle repeatedly.

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