Candle memory rings

Candle memory rings

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Candles on your nightstand are an easy way to relax. The aroma of soft lavender and candy apple is more than enough to take our stresses away. We all want our candles to last for as long as possible. But often, it so happens that the candle develops memory rings which make it harder for it to be used entirely to its price worth.

What are Candle memory rings?

Candle memory rings are formed if the candle is not allowed to burn for sufficient time when it is first being used. The candle, when re-burned, will only melt across the same surface area as it did when it was burned for the first time. Thus, the candle keeps burning in the center, but the sides remain unburned. The process is called tunneling. 

Factors affecting memory ring formation

Candle memory rings depend on various factors such as the candle's size and the number of wicks. The greater the size and the greater the number of wicks, the more likely it is to develop memory rings. Similarly, it becomes easier to deal with tunneling in soft wax, such as coconut wax, compared to hard waxes. Furthermore, if the wax comes in a larger container, it is more likely to pose problems than those that come in small sizes.

Why are candle rings formed?

Candle rings result from a change in the properties of the wax, which leaves you with two types of wax of distinct characteristics. Therefore, the wax on the side does not burn when you burn the candle. It only melts in the center.

Tips to fix memory rings

Although tunneling might make it seem that your candle has lost its attractiveness and a considerable amount is going to waste, you need not worry! There are specific methods you can employ to fix the problem of candle memory rings. Some of these are listed below:

Aluminum foil

Using an aluminum foil avoids tunneling by retaining the heat so that wax on the side also melts.

Candle topper

Candle toppers provide the same functionality as aluminum foil but are typically fancier to give an appealing touch to the candle.

Use a spoon!

You can also use kitchen items such as a spoon or a knife to scrape away the excess wax.

Heat gun. 

You can use a heat gun to melt the excess wax, which can later be scooped out.

Blow dryer

Blowdryer is an alternative to a heat gun and provides an easy tunneling solution.

How to Prevent the formation of memory rings?

To keep your candle burning to its maximum potential, it is imperative that you let it burn long enough to melt wax across the candle surface. To get a rough idea of the time required for the first burn, measure the diameter of the candle. If the candle is 1 inch in diameter, you only need it to burn for an hour. Keep adding hours for each inch in diameter.
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