What’s the worry about wax?

What’s the worry about wax?

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Whether you're looking to make your candles or are just a candle enthusiast, there's one thing you should know about candle waxes: coconut wax is simply the best! Let's explore why

  • Coconut wax is Eco- friendly.

Coconuts are high yield. And very few coconuts are needed to produce a considerable amount of coconut wax. So, they make for a good source of living for the farmers who grow them.

  • Coconut wax provides a slow and even burn.

Have you ever experienced candle tunneling? When your candle keeps melting down at the center, but the sides remain unburnt. It not only hampers the physical beauty of the candle but also affects its utility. Luckily, that is not the case with coconut wax. Being a soft wax, it provides an even burn. Furthermore, it will last you a long time. You are sure to get your money’s worth out of this wax!

  • An admirable scent throw

There are two types of scent throws. Cold throw is the scent a candle emits when it is unlit. It attracts you to the candle making a stunning first impression, and determines the purchase. Hot throw is the fragrance produced when the candle is lit. Needless to say, both are important. 

Coconut wax has a very mesmerizing hot and cold throw. That means not only will it allure you in, but it will also keep your house smelling sweet!

  • No deforestation involved

By using coconut wax, you can put your minds to ease as the production of coconut wax does not result in deforestation. The coconuts harvested are grown by farmers on their land. So, there is no need for mass cutting down of trees and destroying the habitats of wildlife involved in coconut wax making. And for us environmentally friendly folks, it is a big deal!

  • A soot-free house

Coconut wax won't leave ugly black stains on your wall even if you burn your candles close to it. So, your newly painted room won't have soot traces; but only an alluring fragrance.

  • Non- GMO product

Coconut is free from toxins and is an eco-friendly product. It has survived the era of genetic engineering and remains a non-GMO product. Plus, no pesticides and herbicides are involved in producing coconuts as farmers grow them in a toxin-free environment. So, no harmful chemicals will be entering your body.

  • Beautiful aesthetics

Not only do candles with coconut wax keep your house smelling good, but coconut wax also provides beautiful aesthetics. It has a creamy white color which is captivating on its own. But it can also be dyed as you please.

  • No preheating required for adhesion

Coconut wax is probably the only wax that does not require preheating the jars before the candle can be transferred in. When using coconut wax, you can simply transfer the candle into the jar at any temperature and get burning!

Therefore, if you're searching for candle wax, you must go for coconut wax. It is sustainable, eco-friendly, and will keep your house fragrant!

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